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Larry, creator of Popcorn Clothing

Hello cinema lover, 

We created Popcorn Clothing in 2005 to share our passion for pop culture (movies, series and video games mostly) with everyone. Based in South Dakota, we now have more than 3000 products for 500 licenses. Popcorn Clothing is definitely the brand for you, especially if:

You have a movie festival to attend to and you want to be the star that makes everyone cry with envy?

You are nostalgic of those movies from your childhood but dont wanna look like a twitch streamer or these guys who do movie reviews on Youtube?

You have a favourite movie but all the related t-shirts you found look like cheap rip-off printed in a basement in ex-USSR?

You’re a horror movie enthusiast but don’t want to look like the lonely goth kid who’s not gonna have sex before he is 29 years old?

You’re an elite cinephile so you need to dress in the right way so other superior beings can recognize you as such?

You don't recognize yourself in anything this specific but you are a movie lover at heart?

You're in the right place, my friend.


A trip to the moon Georges Méliès

You recognized this reference? Congratulations, an elite cinephile like you deserves the best.


Your life just changed when you arrived on this website. Welcome to a new world where everything is possible. Welcome to your life.

You don’t have to look like a voluntary extra on a budget zombie movie. Yes, you have the right to wear a movie t-shirt and look good with it. And that’s our gift and our commitment to you.

Popcorn Clothing provides you with the best retro and recent movies clothing for Men and Women!

All our products are made with love, by movie lovers for movie lovers!


Yours Truly, Larry


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