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Jaws T-shirts, Hoodies and Merchandise

Get ready to swim with the sharks with your Jaws t-shirts and hoodies !

Do you feel like going to New England this summer for a nice beach vacation? Or do you feel more like a marine biologist who’d like to know why a giant white shark swims in these waters? Dive into the legendary thriller movie Jaws !

Jaws was directed by Steven Spielberg (Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park, Duel…) and released in 1975, it is based on the novel of Peter Benchley of the same name (1974). The story begins with a beach party on Amity Island, New England, while a young woman goes skinny dipping and is pulled under the sea. While her remains are found, the chief of the police Martin Brody decides to close the beach because he fears more sharks attacks. However, mayor Larry Vaughn thinks that closing the beach will ruin the city economy for the summer and overrules the police chief. Another shark attack occurs and a bounty is placed on the guilty shark. In the meantime, oceanographer Matt Hooper confirms that the death has been caused by a huge shark. As the beach is full of tourists on the 4th of July, the shark decides to attack again and Martin Brody’s son goes into shock. The police chief manages to convice the mayor to put together an expedition, and he goes at sea with Matt Hopper and local shark hunter Quint to find the giant white shark. On Quint’s boat the Orca, they will have to fight a cunning and powerful sea monster who’d like nothing more than to eat them.

Jaws had a pretty chaotic production, with the budget going way over what was planned and everything taking longer than Steven Spielberg thought. The mechanical problems of the artificial sharks that were supposed to be used is what gave Steven Spielberg the idea of mostly suggesting the shark’s presence, which makes the movie way more scary, tense and effective. The theme composed by John Williams was supposed to fit to this artistic choice, a minimalist theme indicating that the shark is lurking near. Jaws was such a big success that it was the highest grossing movie of all time until Star Wars in 1977. Jaws was followed by three sequels and many rip-off that we won’t talk about by respect for the original movie, Steven Spielberg was not involved with any of those. Jaws is one of the most famous and cult movies of all time, and its legacy on modern Hollywood is tremendous.

Jaws original poster
Jaws' original poster on release in 1975

Pay homage to Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece with the best Jaws t-shirts, hoodies and merch !