Hellraiser T-shirts, Hoodies and Merchandise

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Do you feel like solving this new cool puzzle you found in a small antiquity shop ? Or do you feel more like you really miss your disappeared lover and would do anything to get them back ? Dive into the classic horror movie Hellraiser !

Hellraiser was directed by British writer Clive Barker and released in 1987. Clive Barker adapted the movie from his own novella The Hellbound Heart. We follow the story of Frank Cotton, who bought a puzzle box in Morocco. When he solves the puzzle, chains appear from another dimension and tear him apart. Afterwards, his brother Larry moves in a new house, with his new wife Julia and his daughter Kirsty. Larry accidently drop some of his blood on the floor of the attic, which revives Frank as a skinless corpse. Frank manages to catch Julia’s attention, as she is still deeply in love with him after having an affair with him in the past, she agrees at giving him more blood so he can fully revive. While Larry doesn’t notice, Julia brings some men home to kill them so Frank can be whole again. In the meantime. Kirsty solves the puzzle box which summons Pinhead and the Cenobites in our dimension.

Hellraiser is a classic horror movie and the first one to include the iconic Pinhead and his Cenobite fiends, perceived as both angels and demons. They come from an alternate dimension and bring pleasure through extreme pain with their chains and hooks in some display of hardcore sadomasochism. Hellraiser was followed by 9 sequels, most of them being barely watchable due to their extremely low quality. Some of those sequels were actually not supposed to be Hellraiser movies at all, but the studio who owned the license decided to include some Hellraiser element to market the movie better, most of the time at the expense of coherence. While the first Hellraiser movie divided the critics, it is now considered at the best horror movie ever made in Great Britain.

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