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Do you feel like gifting a cute mogwai to your nephew for next Christmas? Or do you feel more like there is nothing more than not feeding your pets after midnight and not exposing them to water? Dive into the classic horror comedy movie Gremlins !

Gremlins was directed by Joe Dante (Piranha, The Howling, Small Soldiers…) and released in 1984. We follow the story of Randall Peltzer who is looking for a Christmas present for his son Billy. In a Chinatown antic store, he sees a small cute furry beast called a mogwai. The owner doesn’t want to sell to him but his grandson does it in secret while giving him the three rules about taking care of a mogwai : don’t expose them to sunlight, don’t let it come in contact with water and don’t feed it after midnight. Randall calls the small mogwai Gizmo and goes back where he lives, in Kingston Falls, where he gives Gizmo to Billy as a pet. However, Billy’s friend Pete accidently spills his glass of water on the mogwai, and five more of this creatures spawn from Gizmo. They are more mischevious and troublesome than Gizmo, and they manage to trick Billy into feeding them after midnight. They turn into small reptilian monsters called gremlins who wreak absolute havoc everywhere they go. One of them manage to jump into a pool and a small army of gremlins spawns, all of them ready to cause troubles and destroy Kingston Falls.

Gremlins is interesting because its first script was perceived as too violent, pushing more into the horror movies aspects. Its was reworked by Chris Columbus (Home Alone) to make it more family friendly, and his work combined with Joe Dante direction and Steven Spielberg’s influence as the executive producer gave Gremlins as we know it. Joe Dante is a cinema lover and it can be seen when watching the movie, as many references to movies he love are present in Gremlins. Before being released, the movie was considered too violent for children and the MCAA (under Spielberg’s pressure) had to create the PG-13 category. Gremlins is a classic movie of the 80s and one of the best black comedies ever. It was followed by a sequel called Gremlins 2 : A New Batch in 1990.

Gremlins original poster
Gremlins' original poster on release in 1984

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