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Do you feel like you’d like to see your crutch from last summer again? Or do you feel like becoming a member of the T-birds with your friend Danny? Dive into the musical romantic comedy film Grease !

Grease was directed by Randal Kleiser (The Blue Lagoon, Summer Lovers..) and released in 1978, it is based on the musical of the same name from Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey (1971). The story begins in the summer of 1958, where Danny Zuko (John Travolta) and Sandy Olsson (Olivia Newton-John) meet on the beach and have a fling until the end of the vacations. We find them again at the beginning of the senior year in Rydell High School, where Danny is the leader of a greaser gang, the T-Birds. Sandy, who is Australian, enrolls in Rydell too and both of them are unaware they go to the same school. They both tell their summer story to their friends, while Sandy speaks about the romantic aspects, Danny emphasizes on the fact that they had sex. When they finally meet, Danny keeps his attitude in front of the other gang members and an upset Sandy decides to date a jock named Tom instead. However, they are both in love and Danny wants to find a way to win her back, while fighting his rival gang the Scorpions.

Grease was so succesful on release that it became the highest grossing musical ever at this time. Its soundtrack was also a hit and some of the songs from the movie are still popular today. The movie was followed by a sequel, Grease 2, in 1982. Along with Saturday Night Fever (also starring John Travolta), Grease is probably the most cult and the most famous musical movie in the world.

Remember to always maintain your bad-boy attitude and pay homage to Randal Kleiser’s great movie with the best Grease t-shirts, hoodies and merch !


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