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Do you feel like its time for you to go on the Lufthansa heist with your friends Henry and James ? Or do you feel more like the most important thing in the code is to never rat on your friends? Dive into the classic crime movie Pulp Fiction !

Goodfellas was directed by Martin Scorcese (Taxi Driver, Casino, Mean Streets…) and released in 1990, it is adapted from the novel Wiseguys (1985) by Nicholas Pillegi (who co-wrote the movie). We follow Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) who lives in Brooklyn as a teenager in 1955 and start admiring the gangsters. He starts working for Paulie Cicero, the local caporegime, as well as James Conway (Robert De Niro) and Tommy deVito (Joe Pesci). Henry starts his criminal activities as being a fence, selling contraband cigarettes, and gradually goes up in the hierarchy as he start taking care of more serious crimes. He enjoys his luxerious lifestyle with his two friends Jimmy and Tommy and meets Karen Friedman, who he marries. However, in 1970, the group runs into Billy Bats, a made guy from the Gambino family who was just released from jail, and he insults openly the short-tempered Tommy who kills him with the help of Jimmy. As killing a made guy is against the mafia rules, they have to cover up the murder and bury the body in the woods. Years later, while they expanded their business to cocaine against Paulie’s order, they go for the Lufthansa heist in JFK airport. With this big hit, they start getting more and more police attention and tension is rising toward them.

Goodfellas (which was named Wiseguy until Pileggi and Scorcese decided to change the name) is considered as the masterpiece of the legendary Martin Scorcese’s career. Joe Pesci, Ray Liotta and Robert de Niro prepared their roles by studying the research material Nicholas Pileggi gathered for writing his book, and played these parts so well that the actual gangsters represented absolutely love the movie. Goodfellas is considered as the best gangster movie of all time (sometime put against The Godfather for number one spot) and had a huge legacy on cinema in general. Many movies and tv shows got inspired from it, like The Sopranos from David Chase which even shares 27 actors with the original Goodfellas cast.

Goodfellas original poster
Goodfellas original poster on release in 1990

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