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Evil Dead T-shirts, Hoodies and Merchandise

Ready your chainsaw and your rifle with your Evil Dead t-shirts and hoodies!

« Groovy ! » would said Ash Williams, the protagonist of the Evil Dead franchise (which was voted in 2013 as the best horror movie character ever by Empire), slashing through the undead with his chainsaw and shotgun (the famous “boomstick”). Be careful of the Necronomicon and don’t listen to the recording of professor Knowby or you’ll awake the Deadites, which makes you certain of having an horrible night being attacked by all your possessed friends and any horrors lurking in the woods surrounding your cabin. Send the Kandarian demon back to the Hell where he belongs before you get attacked by your own hand and your evil doppleganger! Enjoy the best Evil Dead officially licensed merchandise with our t-shirts, hoodies and clothing in honor of the legendary franchise of Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell.

The first Evil Dead movie was released in 1981 and was the first long movie of legendary director Sam Raimi, with a total budget of 300,000$. Due to restricted budget, the filming process was difficult and uncomfortable and many of the actors hurt themselves on the set in the making of the movie. It became a cult-classic movie and a franchise, with 2 direct sequels, Evil Dead 2 in 1987 and Army of Darkness, which takes a different view on the franchise. The first Evil Dead was also remade in 2013 with Fede Alvarez as the director and Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell as co-producers. We also have to mention the tv show Ash vs. Evil Dead.

Here are some fun facts about the Evil Dead: the protagonist was first named Ash because, according to Sam Raimi, it should have been the only thing left of him after the first movie, finally he decided his full name was Ashley J. Williams (Ash says the J stands for Joanna in the Ash vs. Evil Dead tv show). During the shooting of the first movie, everything was real including the bullets they used for the shotgun and the drugs the protagonists take. Also, you might not know that the first job of legendary director Joel Coen in movies was as an assistant editor on Evil Dead.

Evil Dead original poster
The Evil Dead original poster from 1981

As a bonus, here are the most iconic quotes of the Evil Dead franchise:

“Swallow this” Ash Williams fighting Henrietta who wants to swallow his soul

“Gimme some Sugar baby” Ash Williams

“Hail to the King, baby” Ash Williams

“Groovy” Ash Williams after being able to attach his chainsaw to his arm


Pay homage to Sam Raimi's great movie with the best Evil Dead t-shirts, hoodies and merch!