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Do you feel like engaging in an evening of ultra violence with your friends ? Or do you feel more like criminals should be punished for their crimes by becoming sickened by violence and sex ? Dive into the dystopian classic A Clockwork Orange !

A Clockwork Orange was directed by Stanley Kubrick and released in 1971. It is based on Anthony Burgess’s novel of the same name. We follow the story of young Alex DeLarge (Malcolm McDowell) who is the leader of a gang called the droogs in a futurist Great Britain, with his friends Dim, Pete and Georgie. They speak in Nadsat, their own slang, and drink some milk-plus (mixed with drugs) before deciding to go on a violent night where they fight a rival gang. They decide to go to a writer’s place, beat him up then rape his wife while singing Singin’ in the Rain. The next day, after asserting is authority by beating up the members of his gang, Alex and the droogs go to a wealthy lady’s house. Alex beats her with a phallic structure and she dies. The droogs hear the police arriving and Dim decides to smash a bottle in Alex’s face, which leads to his arrestation. During his stay in jail, the Minister of the Interior selects Alex for an experiment called Ludovico technique to condition his brain and keep him from doing anything criminal.

A Clockwork Orange shocked the world when it was released in 1971 due to its raw violence and sexual scenes which gave the movie a X rating in the US, and some critics even called Stanley Kubrick a bad pornographer. However, it was a huge commercial and critical success and it won several prizes. It is considered nowadays as one of the greatest classic movies of all time, with its interrogations on morality and human psychology. The movie has the time questions who is the worse between the violent gang leader and the totalitarian government that uses conditioning techniques to alienate him, which makes A Clockwork Orange a beautiful and effective messenger in favour of free-will.

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