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Do you feel mad your smug coworker's business card looks so much nicer than yours? Do you fancy living the high life of bankers and traders of New York? Or do you feel like you're working too much and would need to find a fun and creative way to vent? Dive into the satirical horror comedy American Psycho!

American Psycho was directed by Mary Hammon and released in 2000. We follow the story of Patrick Bateman (Christian Bale) in New York, 1987. He is in appearance an absolutely smug investment banker like his co-workers that he doesn't seem to like much. But Patrick, who is also the narrator, explains us straight up that despite is morning routine and diet to look flawless he feels completely empty inside. After being openly disrespected by his coworker Paul Allen he shakes in rage when he discovers Allen has a better looking business card than his (even if the differences between them are too subtle for our untrained eyes to notice) and he kills a homeless guy out of anger. After murdering his coworker Paul Allen at his apartment, Patrick Bateman meets Donald Kimball (Willem Dafoe) who investigates Allen's death and wants to interrogate Patrick. From there, Patrick degenerates more and more into a complete psycho.

Patrick Bateman is a very original protagonist for a movie and his masterfully played by Christian Bale (you could almost imagine he is like that in real life). He explains us he can only feel two human emotions, greed and disgust. He is also exactly the type of guy you would think loves to watch himself in the mirror while he has sex (he also likes to record it). But he is not only an investment banker who likes to ask homeless people why they don't get a job, his sociopathy goes to the extremes of murder and mutilation. He also has a real problem with people from his company looking more succesful, richer or having a better business card than his. Despite his calculated behavior as he tries to fit in, he seems to be destabilized easily when he is interrogated by Detective Donald Kimball. In a way, Patrick Bateman is who Christian Grey would be if 50 Shades of Grey was realistic.

American Psycho met a good financial success at its release in 2000 and positive reviews. Today, it is now considered a cult-classic and one of the best satirical horror movies ever.

American Psycho original poster
American Psycho's original poster at its release in 2000

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