The Die Hard Drinking Game

The Die Hard Drinking Game

A detailed guide to transform a movie night watching the classic Die Hard into a drunken fest

Like John Peralta from Brooklyn Nine-Nine Die Hard is your favourite movie ever? You like to drink alcohol in large quantity with friends or by yourself? You are one of the eight people in the world who have never seen Die Hard? You like to watch movies and get drunk as the same time? All of the above? We have the perfect game for you if you want to make that movie night a bit more fun and interesting.

One of your friends told you “Hey let us watch Die Hard, it is on tonight!”, you like the movie and John McClane as much as everyone, but you already seen it a few times and would like to spice things up. Here is how you are going to save the night: transform this random blockbuster movie night in a drunken session which will probably degenerate! No need to thank us, you’re welcome! Also, a big thank you to our friends of Black Power Clothing for their help writing this article!

John McClane smoking

You think John McClane would stop at drinking? Buy some cigarettes as well!

Here are the rules to play the Die Hard drinking game.

Ready your drinks, you can play with beer cans for a longer drinking session or with harder alcohols and shots to make sure you are wasted by the middle of the movie, it’s only a matter of preference. You’ll drink quite a lot so invite your toughest friends, you don’t want to be calling an ambulance and miss the best scenes of the movie.

  • Take a sip from your drink each time your ear the characters saying the words “McClane”, “Fuck”, “Nakatomi”, any reference to Christmas or McClane being a cop, or when John talks to himself. Add “John” to this list if you just feel like drinking all the time. For instance, when John McClane says “Oh, John, what the fuck are you doing? How the fuck did you get into this shit?” you’ll drink 3 times or 4 times if you’re playing with the word John as well (one because John talks to himself, two because he says fucks twice and once for the word John)

  • Take three sips each time someone dies or some glass is shattered.

  • Take a shot or finish your drink when John McClane says “Yippie ki yay motherfucker!”

  • Do a waterfall, which means you all drink non stop for the whole time of the scene, when Hans Gruber falls to his death

If you’re not completely wasted by the end of the movie, you can just chain with Die Hard 2 and continue the drinking. If you are a true warrior, you can maybe even survive until the end of the Die Hard 3 (I’d advise playing with beers in this case).

Obviously, no need to remind you that this article is for fun and you should keep yourself hydrated and drink responsibly. Don’t kill one of your guests over a drinking game or you might go to jail as well, and there won’t be any John McClane to get you out of there.

If you really want to be the shining star of your movie/drinking night, you should check out and buy our Die Hard T-shirts, Hoodies and Clothing! We guarantee you won’t regret your choice even when you sober up the next morning!

If you have some other rules to propose for the game or another movie you like to drink when watching, please share it in the comments and don't forget to share this artcle! Have a great night and enjoy the classic action movie from John McTiernan!

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