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1.1. How do I place an order?

1.2. I have made an order by I want to change the color or size, is it possible?

1.3. What kind of payments do you accept?

1.4. I couldn't proceed with the payment. What can I do?

1.5. Can I cancel my order?

1.6. How do I add an item to my order after checking out?

1.7. I have received my order, but one item is missing. What should I do?

1.8. I want to check on my order but I forgot my order number. What should I do?

1.9. I've received an incorrect item in my order. What should I do?

1.10. I've received a faulty item. What should I do?

1.11. Can I change my adress once my order is placed?

1.12. When will you process my order?

1.13. Which adress should I ship my order to?

1.14. Are the items in my cart reserved for me?

1.15. How do I check my order number?

1.16. I can't remember or find my order number even after checking my emails. What should I do?

1.18. Why is my order notified as Out of Stock?


2.1. How do I make a payment?

2.2. What are the payment options?

2.3. Can I opt for a refund and how long does it take?

2.4. Is my payment secure?

2.5. My payment was succesful but it did not get any order confirmation. Help!

Shipping and Returns

3.1. What is the overall time for my items to be shipped?

3.2. What is the shipping rate?

3.3. How long is the delivery time?

3.4. How soon can I receive my items?

3.5. How can I get my tracking number or see when my products are shipped?

3.6. Why is my tracking unavailable when I received the tracking link?

3.7. I have checked my tracking link and it seems my order has been stuck at a certain place for quite some time. What should I do?

3.8. I've checked my tracking and it seems that my parcel is being sent somewhere else or someone else seems to have received my items. What should I do?

3.9. I've checked my tracking and it seems it has been delivered, but I didn't receive it. What should I do?

3.11. Which courier is Popcorn Clothing using?

3.12. I am done purchasing my orders. However, can I change my shipping adress?

3.13. Is there any shipment delays for seasonal periods (eg. Christmas...)?

3.14. I received my items in a faulty condition. May I request a replacement for this?

3.15. I received the wrong items. How do I return them?

3.16. When will you proceed my return item?

3.17. I returned my item and it was incorrectly refunded or replaced.

3.18. What are my return and refund options?

Other Questions

4.1. I need my order urgently. What should I do?

4.3. Do you restock your items?

4.4. Can you notify me when an item has been restocked?

4.5. How long will a certain promotion/sale last?

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